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Investment of Profits

Investment of Profits

Turn your investment into knowledge and real profits! Say goodbye to expensive online courses and discover the power of a book that takes you straight to financial success.

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Introducing the 'Profit Investing' Professional Guide!

The guide that every entrepreneur needs so that their savings and profits become profitable investments and fight inflation.

With this guide of no more than 15 pages you will learn how stocks work and how you can make money with them and you will also find the best investment strategies in Index Funds and ETFs.

You will see for yourself how to create an investment portfolio tailored to you and effortlessly, you will understand the bases of the market and its cycles and, above all, you will maximize your benefits and savings thanks to compound interest.

At INVESTTOYS we focus solely on offering learning with optimized quality information so that you train quickly and correctly on the path of the entrepreneur.

Everything you can learn today can change your tomorrow!

Example paragraph:

Finally, we want to talk to you about the annuity rule, which is
defines that we can withdraw 4% of our savings annually without
never run out of money thanks to having a good portfolio
Example: If we suppose that we have been saving for 20 years and we have
achieved a total of €310,000 in our investment portfolio, each year
we could withdraw 4% which would be €12,400 since having 7%
or an 8% annual return, the money we withdraw would be recomposed
automatically thanks to compound interest, and even then our savings
They would continue to grow just at a slower rate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
No me gusta

Es demasiado corta la informacion no esta mal pero yo pensaba que era un libro

Alvaro torres
Juan Vicente

No soy una persona que suela ahorrar pero gracias a esta guia y a entender como funciona la inversion me he motivado mucho y solo tengo ganas de invertir mas y mas

Pau llorens
Interesante cuanto menos

Creo que gracias a esta guia ya estoy bastante concienciado del futuro que nos espera en españa a los jovenes, voy a comenzar a invertir en serio

Roberto borras
Invirtiendo con muchas ganas

Tengo 54 años y ojala me hubieran explicado esto mucho antes, me ha servido mucho para darme cuenta del problema de la inflación, ya lo tengo todo en mi cartera personal

Esta bien

Se explica todo con coherencia pero como inversor profesional creo que deberian tocar mas la parte de las acciones individuales ya que son las que dan mas rentabilidad