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Give Value to your Business

Give Value to your Business

Turn your investment into knowledge and real profits! Say goodbye to expensive online courses and discover the power of a book that takes you straight to financial success.

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Introducing the Professional Guide 'Give Value to your Business!

The guide that every entrepreneur needs to scale their business, this guide will reveal the secrets that many brands sell at exorbitant prices.

With this guide of no more than 15 pages you will find all the strategies summarized and with examples so that you can learn them in the shortest time and apply them quickly in your online businesses.

You will see for yourself how to create value ladders for your online business, which will maximize sales and create a relationship of trust between your business and your customer.

At INVESTTOYS we focus solely on offering learning with optimized quality information so that you train quickly and correctly on the path of the entrepreneur.

Everything you can learn today can change your tomorrow!

Example paragraph:

A value ladder is a marketing strategy that involves offering a series of related products or services, each with a higher price and greater perceived value than the last. 

The idea is to guide customers through a process that increases the purchase, starting with a cheap initial offer and ending with a more expensive premium offer. 

Basically, the value ladder is similar to a normal ladder, where each step represents a product or service of greater value than the previous one. As customers move up the ladder, they have the opportunity to gain more value and benefits, which in turn increases their trust and loyalty with the brand. 

Example: Pablo is a dentist, and to attract clients he offers a free cleaning. Once they arrive and are in the middle of cleaning, Pablo asks them a question looking for a problem: Are you a smoker or do you drink coffee often? Although the client does not smoke or drink coffee, he will be curious about these questions and will want to know why he has asked them, so Pablo answers that he is noticing how his teeth are turning yellow, which will automatically end up generating a problem that he did not know he had. and since Pablo is a professional at what he does, they will trust his word. 

Once the problem has been explained, Pablo has to give the solution and tells them that they have a program with whitening plates that, following a week-by-week process, will achieve unique whiteness of teeth. Since no one wants to have yellowed teeth, the client accepts and they continue with Cleaning. 

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Customer Reviews

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Pere sinfreu

Porfin un lugar libre de vende humos que cobran 1000€ por decirte 4 tonterias, teneis un nuevo estudiante

Muy buena y corta

Me ha gustado mucho ya que sinceramente no me gusta leer, solo cuando es necesario, pero cuando he comenzado esta guia solo queria saber mas y mas, me ha gustado mucho vuestro formato

Miguel blasi
Muy satisfecho

Muy buenas las habilidades que enseña la guía sin duda voy a ponerlas en practica en mi negocio

Andres fernandes
Muy interesante

No tenia ni idea de como conseguir que mis clientes compraran otra vez en mi tienda online, ya me estoy poniendo manos a la obra para construir mi escaler de valor

Toni pelaez
Me encanta

Me encanta la manera en la que explican las partes mas complejas ya he creado mi pequeña escalera de valor y me esta dando resultados ahora solo quiero apliarla